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The balustrades are irreplaceable on terraces and balconies and are primarily a fall protection. Properly selected solutions will also perfectly complement the arrangement and give the building a unique style. Taking into account different needs and expectations, we offer our customers BA all-glass balustrades and BA PV all-glass and photovoltaic balustrades.

All-glass BA versions are the perfect solution for people who care about safety and want to avoid the impression of being separated from the rest of the world. Glazing (transparent or non-transparent) will not restrict visibility and will optically increase the space on the terrace or balcony.

Those who prefer modern, multifunctional and energy-saving solutions will certainly like the BA PV version. Not only do they fulfil their basic function, i.e. protection against falling out of the balcony or terrace, but they also convert solar energy into electricity in an innovative way (using photovoltaic cells).