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Aluminum profile systems designed for internal walls and open space construction also allow the installation of paneled doors and all-glass doors in them.

These are modern acoustic structures, non-thermally insulated walls, boxes and showcases, designed to make slim, aluminum wall and internal partition structures with high utility and aesthetic properties. The system enables the use of various door structures utilizing the narrowest SLIM type frames.

Product advantages:

  • possibility of installing fillings with a large thickness range (panes from 6 to 12 mm),
  • Sleek housing – posts 38 mm wide,
  • Integration with manually or automatically controlled inter-pane blinds,
  • a simple and effective way of constructing a “T” type joint,
  • Maximum clearance of the glass door – only 6 mm in the visible frame,
  • possibility of servicing (cleaning the glass from the inside) by using appropriate clips,
  • possibility of wiring the electrical system,
  • possibility of giving the installation any shape thanks to angled joints.