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The DP 180 system is a modern solution for lift and slide doors for exterior installation, the basis of which are aluminum profiles with thermal breaks. The structure of the DP 180 system has an impact on the reduction of thermal energy losses and, consequently, on the reduction of operating costs of the designed facilities. The width and height of the door leaf can reach up to 3300 mm with leaf weights up to 440 kg. This allows for a transparent barrier, which, despite its transparency, provides a well thought-out protection against cold, wind, rain or sunshine.

Product advantages:

  • excellent thermal insulation – Uf= from 1.1 W/m2K,
  • filling thickness up to 62 mm,
  • possibility of making doors of very large dimensions,
  • a whole glass corner joint can be made at a 90˚ angle,
  • possibility to make doors with a concealed threshold – no architectural barriers,
  • very good parameters of waterproofness and air permeability,
  • possibility to install an automatic system for door opening and closing,
  • micro-ventilation fittings can be used,
  • possibility of seamless glass joining,
  • movable corner post.