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The TM 102HI system is intended for energy-efficient and passive construction. Durable and tight construction of the system significantly reduces the permeating of cool air to the interior of the building in winter and protects against excessive overheating in summer.

The unquestionable advantage of the TM 102HI system is its unprecedented thermal insulation at the level of Uw=from 0.4 W/m2*K.

Product advantages:

  • the highest available thermal insulation,
  • possibility to create structures with large surfaces,
  • possibility to use the full range of hardware available on the market: surface-mount ALU, PVC-type grooves, concealed hinges, handles with spindles of any shape, stainless steel handles,
  • excellent energy efficiency and very high water tightness thanks to the innovative design of the central gasket,
  • possibility to make balcony doors with a low threshold,
  • modern design of clip-on profiles combined with new gaskets – possibility of obtaining a single plane on the aluminum – gasket line,
  • additional windproof insulation thanks to the use of a gasket at the contact between the glazing panel and the profile.