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The FA 50N HI system makes it possible to design and make lightweight post and beam curtain walls. The system is classified in the group of the best curtain walls available on the market in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproofing and wind load resistance. Thanks to the wide range of solutions included in the system, it is possible to shape the facade in terms of geometry and color.

It is perfect for use in office and public buildings. The unique system of foam insulator and the possibility of using double-chamber glass allows for obtaining excellent thermal insulation parameters.

Product advantages:

  • possibility of making structures of various shapes and sizes according to the architect’s vision,
  • compliance with the applicable standards for waterproofing, thermal and fire insulation,
  • possibility of obtaining varied visual effects for the curtain wall thanks to a wide range of masking panels,
  • possibility of bending profiles,
  • possibility to create many varieties with different parameters,
  • possibility of using photovoltaic solutions.