• We are a company that has been successfully operating in the industry for several years. We use the highest quality aluminum systems and accessories for our projects. We take care of the high quality of our structures, using modern systems and quality control standards at every stage of the order – from valuation through design and production to assembly. As a recognized manufacturer of aluminum joinery we only offer solutions ensuring durability, aesthetics and safety.


Safe and innovative solutions allowing you to obtain perfect thermal and acoustic insulation properties, protection against wind and water as well as to ensure safety of the premises.

Effective and practical solutions for your home, which extend the living space in a natural manner. Apart from aesthetic reasons, aluminum terrace doors achieve perfect thermal insulation properties, which translates into reduction of energy loss.

Panel doors ensure warmth, safety and comfort to the inhabitants. Depending on whether you are looking for doors for modern buildings or for buildings under renovation, you can get a perfectly matched product, which will highlight the individual style of each building.

Post and beam facades intended for execution of vertical curtain walls, roofs, roof lanterns and other spatial structures. Modern technologies and modern architecture allow us to utilize facade systems also in single family houses. The glass facade opens up the view to the beauty of the landscape and allows much more sunlight inside.

Used for execution of internal and external fire barriers in El30, El60, El90 class. This group includes systems for construction of: internal and external doors and partitions, all-glass mullion-free walls, post and beam facades as well as glass roofs.

A group of products proposed by us, being a response to the unconventional needs of our customers. This group of solutions includes, among others, all-glass balustrades, winter gardens, all-glass office walls or composite facades.


CNC Machining Center

Due to the dynamic development of the company, we are extending our offer with the possibility to perform prefabrication and processing of aluminum and steel profiles in our machining center:

CNC DALI 70 with 4 controlled axes suitable for machining aluminum, metal, light alloy and plastic frame profiles.
Machining area:
– X axis working range 7000 mm
– Y axis working range 220 mm
– Z axis working range 200 mm
Examples of the possibilities of our Center: https://vimeo.com/67116096

CNC MODUS with 3 controlled axes with interpolation, rotary feed table – 0°, 90°, 180° for machining in 3 planes, suitable for machining aluminum, metal, light alloy and plastic frame profiles.
Machining area:
– X-axis working range – 3005 mm
– Y-axis working range – 355 mm
– Z-axis working range – 214 mm
– maximum size of the profile to be machined with the tool on one side (Ø 10mm) working height 60mm.
– maximum size of the profile to be machined with the tool on both sides (Ø 10mm) working height 60mm.
Examples of possibilities of our Center:  https://vimeo.com/67117919

In addition to machining profiles, cutting, undercutting, drilling, milling, threading, etc… we can perform complete or partial manufacturing for you, including packing and shipping to any corner of the world.
Our offer is addressed to small and medium-sized companies and to individual customers.

Our offer includes aluminum solutions for home and industrial applications. We operate across the country.
We invite you to visit our office in Nowiny near Kielce, where we will be able to present you our offer in detail and answer your questions.

Modern architecture is supposed to serve future generations, that is why we have chosen to work on ALUMINUM, which is a fully recyclable material.
We strive to improve the quality of our systems without having a negative impact on the environment.